About Us

Welcome to UnisBrands

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.”  – Dean Kamen

Coupling fashion and comfort seamlessly, UnisBrands allows you to build out your own unique pair of slides or sneakers, with accurate sizing for each individual foot, customizing your kicks to your likes and needs.


How It All Started

UnisBrands was founded in 2015 by Penn State student, Nick Unis, after a career in retail as a teenager led him to identify three major shoe industry flaws: the inability to merge customizability, practicality, and style.

Many of Nick’s customers would either find a shoe they loved, that didn’t fit right, or opted for a shoe that met their needs, but forfeited style. It was then he decided to revolutionize the shoe game as we know it.

He began a small side business, deconstructing and customizing some of the leading industry sneakers –changing the fabric, adding logos, etc…– and selling them on Ebay and to popular hip-hop artists. The shoes turned out to be such a hit, that a cease-and-desist order from a major shoe company put a pin in the business concept, after a pair of shoes sold for $1 million.

Despite the setback, Nick knew he was on to something: there was a demand for customizable shoes. People wanted to look fresh, and people needed to be comfortable doing it, and he knew just how to make that possible. He would 3-D PRINT that concept into reality.

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Taking things to the Next Level

Nick began exploring the concept of 3-D printed shoes, and realized quickly the technology out in the market was far too expensive to provide a real ROI, so he did the next best thing, build his own 3-D printer that could meet the needs of UnisBrands.

In an effort to ensure customizability, Nick created a sizing algorithm that takes the length and width of each foot, to ensure that your pair of kicks are perfectly suited to you.

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Today, UnisBrands continues to push the boundaries of what shoes can truly be, comfortable while still providing the style and look that people want. By combining science, innovation, and the know-how of the shoe game, UnisBrands is changing and improving the way things are done.