Learn About Our Process

UnisBrands is revolutionizing the fashion industry by combining science, innovation and the know-how of the shoe game.


With fully customizable, 3-D printed shoes, you’re adding ultimate comfort and on-trend, personalized style to your daily wardrobe.


Whether you’re electing our latest sneakers from the Yin & Yang collection, our signature dual strap slides, or opting for a minimalist look with the single strap design, you can customize each pair to your exact size, elect the look and feel, making your new pair of UnisBrands shoes uniquely yours.


What’s better? All 3-D printed purchases are made of 100% recycled material, meaning you are quite literally saving the world one step at a time.  Learn more below:

1. The Perfect Fit

Our footwear is solely based on you.  We take the length and width of both your left and right foot for sizing.

2. Sizing

Measure your feet with a ruler or with the provided printout.

3. Flex Fit

Our flexible filament allows us to create comfortable and durable footwear.

4. 3D Printed.

Our footwear is then resized to your size, and 3D printed on one of our custom built printers.